Overwhelmed with all the tasks needed to keep your business running?

Limited understanding of your books?

Need to free up your time to do the books?

You don’t love doing your books. Heck, even if you do love crunching the numbers, you know it’s time to let something go so you can focus more on growing your business with what you do best. Let me be your partner by doing what I do best for your business!

My knack for technology combined with my unnatural enthusiasm for accounting ensures your business runs its best financially.

Having started my career in 2004 in the corporate world, I just assumed that’s where my career would stay. Back in the day, I did my own taxes and the taxes of my friends and family as a fun side-gig.

Having graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Commerce in 2012, I found tax filing a simple, pleasurable task. You can imagine my surprise when I realized shortly after that not only did many people not like doing taxes, most people hired their tax return out! (Collective gasp of horror.)

After I learning that not everyone does their own taxes, I also realized that those that DID file their own usually don’t have the understanding or the knowledge of how to maximize their return and miss out on many tax-deductible opportunities. This of course made my number-laden heart hurt.

With the encouragement of my grateful, tax-compliant friends, I started BCalm as a tax-filing service in 2014. I chose that name because I find taxes so calming and knowing no one else did, I thought it might help them to know I could calmly and eagerly do the job for them.

The business grew to small business bookkeeping over the years for much of the same reason - I realized that many entrepreneurs didn't see the value in monthly or quarterly accurate bookkeeping, which resulted in them spending many hours not working on their business but stressing out about their finances and their books – and panicking at tax time.

Today, Bcalm Business Accounting offers a full range of small and medium business accounting services to businesses looking for calm and reliable help with their bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll and other business management needs.

When not organizing finances and maximizing profits for clients, you will find me doing some surprisingly non-accountant-type things! I am an Ultra Trail Runner, having run a couple of 50K trail races. Once the world of COVID has settled, I'll be doing my first 50 miler, my first Sky race, and my first multi-day staged trail race.

I have also summitted many mountains and my best-dog Bailey has recently been joining me. (He has summited 5 mountain tops this year and has run his first 1/2 marathon with me!)

Other less-taxing hobbies (see what I did there?) include knitting, reading, kitschy horror movies and rockabilly attire.